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Local My Biz, located in Monterey, CA, is a small online marketing agency specializing in Local Search Engine Optimization. Local SEO targets potential online customers, increasing the likelihood of your small business getting noticed by them when they use search engines like Google to find what they need. Local My Biz also provides small-scale video production.

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    Contact us for a free consultation, either at your business, in our office, or over the phone…whatever works best for you. We’ll get an idea of your expectations and get some information from you.


    We’ll get to work! For SEO, we’ll start our analysis and implementation…keeping you in the loop along the way. For social media management, we’ll implement our strategy and a workflow that fits best for all involved. For video, we’ll start planning your product and scheduling shoots (if necessary). For explainer videos, we’ll start production ASAP for the quickest turnaround time.


    We’ll keep in touch with you regarding your SEO and/or social media management, with weekly analysis and reports. We’re happy to give you as many revisions (within reason, of course) of your explainer video as necessary.

  • Local My Biz started out as a potential prototype of a licensor/licensee arrangement (similar to a franchise) with nationally-recognized leaders in digital marketing. When that pilot program failed to launch, we became an independent agency, working mainly via word-of-mouth. Local My Biz has since “rebooted” itself into a full-time endeavor, becoming active in the local Central Coast business community and, more importantly, helping businesses increase their traffic on- and offline.

Our Expertise.

Local My Biz is certified in Advanced Local Search by industry leader Search Engine News, as well as general internet marketing by the University of San Francisco. Our founder, Sean Kahuila, is an Emmy-nominated broadcast professional.

Local SEO

We can help your small business get noticed online by optimizing your current website (or we can provide a nice, inexpensive one for you) as well as all of your listings in local directories, social media profiles, and so on. If you’re a DIYer, we can provide a quick analysis to get you on your way.

Video Production

Like videos? So do we…we have over 20 years in network television production. Know who else likes videos? Millions of folks, some of whom are your potential customers! We also can make animated, entertaining Explainer Videos! Check our YouTube channel for examples.

Social Media Management

Haven’t tweeted about anything since, oh, about 2009? Understandable…as a small business owner, you’ve got a lot of plates in the air (possibly literally!). Social media is an important tool in online visibility…we can help.

Our Blog.

To anyone outside the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimization, a NAP means a brief period of sleep during the day…a nice little siesta. For us Local SEO practitioners, NAP is an critical reason why some businesses rank locally on Google, and some do not.

NAP is a simple acronym that stands for Name, Address, Phone (number). One might think that, with all that SEO entails with such jargon like title tags, link building, domain authority, ad nauseum…why is something so simple as NAP an issue for some folks?

What it comes down to is this: Google and the other search engines want data consistency when it comes to certain things, especially NAP. If Google sees that a business isn’t consistent with this simple piece of information across sites and directories, then there is something suspicious going on and that business’s rankings suffer as a result.

The NAP of business is located in several places on the web, whether you entered the information yourself or someone else did. If your business isn’t ranking on Google, Google Places, etc, this may be your problem.

Has your business moved recently and/or changed phone numbers recently? This is the most common culprit when it comes to NAP inconsistency. Maybe your website still has the old information, or other places like Yelp.

Does your business have multiple locations, but use just one single website? This may confuse the great and powerful Google. Consider giving each location its own site, or at least its own page on the main website. If I were fortunate enough to be able to open another office in, say, my hometown of Rohnert Park up in Sonoma County, I’d create a page at rohnertpark.localmybiz.com, and then change my current Monterey office to similarly-named page.

Maybe you’ve used one of the Yellow Pages services that (try to) do SEO on your listing. There’s a double-edged sword in effect here: IYPs (Internet Yellow Pages) are valuable only in that a well-optimized listing on those sites do help your Google ranking. However, their SEO tactics are often weak; they sometimes use call tracking numbers instead of your actual phone number (thereby providing data inconsistency); and, in many cases, they own any website/listing that they create for you (please see my rant on the Yellow Pages…it’s a little old, but still relevant). You can still have a listing on IYPs without having to enlist their services.

If you think this may be an issue with your business and aren’t able to correct it yourself, give us a call! We have tools at our disposal that can determine if this (or other issues) are gumming up the Googleworks.

Who’da thunk NAPs are good for your business? Just don’t let that one lazy employee know.

Local(ish) SEO Agencies

Forgive, please, the appearance of being “self-serving” with this post:

Like any good businessperson, especially one whose business provides local SEO services to his customers, I try to keep tabs on what my “local” competitors are doing. Recently, there have been a few sightings of agencies providing “local” services:

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz007 copy

I don’t mind the competition…there are a few places here in Monterey that provide great internet marketing services, including SEO. But the companies listed above aren’t even in the same area code! One has a San Jose area code, but lists its address in San Francisco. The other is based in Southern California. Both are guilty of “keyword stuffing“, which is the practice of repeatedly mentioning words or phrases that they want to rank highly on Google (or any search engine). One company evens goes as far as to claim that they are “the best SEO company in Monterey”. That’s a pretty strong statement, especially when your company isn’t anywhere near the Central Coast!

This is a cross that those of us with an online business must bear. It’s a little tougher for, say, a dentist or plumber to say “I’m the best [insert profession here] in Santa Cruz” when they’re based in Santa Rosa (however, from a Local SEOer’s perspective, it’s not unheard of for someone to secure a Google Voice phone number and either a virtual office like Regus Offices or a virtual address like at a UPS Store). If you do happen to notice a “carpetbagger” moving in on your territory, local SEO can help! A well-planned, well-executed local search strategy can move your business toward the top of the search engines. The carpetbagger method may work in the short term…but Google, who frowns on such tactics, usually takes notice and subsequently takes offending businesses off their SERPs.

Have you noticed similar tactics going on in your area of expertise? Respond in the comments below, or shoot me an email (sean@localmybiz.com) and let me know. I’m bemusedly curious.

You may have a nice, balanced marketing campaign going on. Newspapers, radio and television, direct mail, and so on. But have you covered online channels adequately? How optimized is your business for local online search?Have you factored in the increasing number of customers who either primarily or even exclusively use their mobile device for online search?

Not sure where you are in terms of local search? Google your business’s main vertical with a geo-modifier…in English: if you fix cars in Seaside, search for Seaside Auto Repair. If your business is “above the fold” (visible without having to scroll down) on the first page of your results, congratulations! If not, you may be losing business to your competition, especially if you’re not on the first page of Google. One thing to keep in mind: It’s important to note that the search engines don’t always display results the same way, and sometimes it even varies between different people!

Is your website mobile-friendly? You’d be surprised how many business sites are not. Given the choice of a mobile-friendly site or one where you have to squint, zoom and scroll around, and tap on links meant for a mouse and not a finger on a smartphone, which will your potential customers use?

Local My Biz can increase your online visibility by: conducting research to determine what key search terms, or keywords, are the most likely to drive traffic to your site (hint: they’re not always what you think!) AND spying on your competition to see what keywords are working for them; creating a plan to use those keywords on your site (which words, and on what page[s]); claiming your business’s listing (and cleaning up existing ones) on dozens of local online directories, making sure the business’s information is the same across them all (very important); optimizing your site and directory listings with keywords, photos and video where applicable; creating (or cleaning up existing) social network profiles; helping the client to understand how online reviews benefit (or hurt) businesses and how to encourage customers to leave online reviews; redirecting website pages to mobile-friendly ones with the same info (and easier to see on a smartphone); and finally, revisiting the business’s website, directory listings, search results and social profiles periodically and make adjustments when necessary. Eyes glazed over yet? We don’t blame you. Local My Biz provides these services because in most cases they’re necessary in today’s digital age, and because most business owners don’t have the time to learn these practices, much less implement them. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

What's The Buzz.

  • Dear [Local My Biz],

    I just wanted to thank you again for your SEO analysis report and advice. Your analysis gave us clear direction in optimizing our web site, and your friendly and professional guidance made it easy for us to carry out your suggestions. After following your advice we climbed up the search results considerably!

    We at Family Martial Arts would refer you most enthusiastically to anyone requiring SEO optimization.

    Juan Fogal
    Operator, Family Martial Arts Center, Santa Rosa, CA (www.myfamilymartialarts.com)

    Juan Fogal via Family Martial Arts Center
  • [Local My Biz] was able to create a WordPress site for my company at a great deal less than the competitors! He was able to optimize the site along with a great local search optimization as well. In a very short time my business was rated first on Google in both organic search results and in Google Places!

    I am very pleased with the results and would recommend him to anyone!

    Jacquie Cordier
    Owner, Jet Tec, Marina, CA (www.montereyprintercartridges.com)

    Jacqueline Cordier via Jet Tec
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