Another Facebook Facelift

Once again, the whims of The Zuck & Co. have managed to annoy their constituents by instituting another change in Facebook’s usability. Shortly after making such changes as a mini-news feed scroll in the upper right, a breakdown of updates (Top Stories, Recent News, News From Friends, etc), and the addition of “lists” like Family and Close Friends, nonplussed users began creating and posting images representing their displeasure. One doctored roadside sign asks people to “Honk If You Think The New FB Sucks”. Others implore Facebook to not fix things if “they ain’t broke”.

Like with every change Facebook makes, the natives resist only to eventually cease complaining and deal with what’s been handed to them. But some critics and analysts are seeing this as perhaps the beginning of the end of FB’s dominance. Tech blogger Ed Oswald points out the irony in FB’s redesign coming out on the same day that Google+ was made available to the unwashed masses, saying that Google+ is on its way to mass appeal, whereas FB is getting to a place where they can no longer make capricious changes without fallout (something they could always get away with in the past).

Facebook still has their fanboys. Mashable’s Ben Parr made the following grandiose statement:

“On Thursday, developers will be elated, users will be shellshocked and the competition will look ancient. On Thursday, Facebook will be reborn. Prepare yourselves for the evolution of social networking.”

Parr may have referring to Facebook’s new “Timeline”, replacing one’s profile with a hyperactive page complete with photos, big bold text…everything our ADD society could want.

Is Google+ really the next really gigantic thing in social media? Or are people just hoping that Facebook is down so they can commence with the kicking? West Coast and Hawaii readers, what do you think?

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